About Me

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my blog.

I wanted to start this blog so I could have a record of what I have accomplished, share what I've learned and hopefully provide some links to other wonderful blogs out there that can teach lots of wonderful skills.

A little bit about me: I've been married to my best friend and we have three amazing children; one boy who is autistic and LOVES to do anything with his hands and two girls that are learning and becoming domestic divas.
I love making my children things: from baking with them and watching them decorate, to making them clothing to wear and everything in between.
I have no professional "domestic" skills.  Everything here is self taught or inspired from other blogs (which I will post and give credit to).
I come from a family of quilters (my mother and grandmother are amazing), knitters, crochetters, and people that can cook.  I, unfortunately, never took the time to learn these skills from them, but am learning now.  Seriously, I took a cooking class in high school and that was it.  My husband and I still had many night of food poisoning after we married and I was learning how to cook.  I'm proud to say I can at least cook meat now and sew a straight line.  And I love my Crock-Pot!! I was a vegetarian when my husband and I were dating, but he was a devoted meat eater. When we got married I quickly changed!

When I graduated from high school, I wanted nothing to do with the life of a homemaker. I had huge plans to attend Brigham Young University in Utah to do my Pre Medical sciences and then go to Standford University to attend medical school and specialize in either Anesthesiology or Emergency Medicine. I felt that I could not have a family and my career. The Lord had other plans. I married my husband and best friend six months after his return from his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and quickly dropped my plans furthering my education. And you want to know what? I couldn't be more happier!

I love my life! It is such a wonderful thing!

I hope that you will find something useful on here.  I know I'm going to enjoy doing this!!
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