Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Crafts!!

So I saw a lot of crafts that I really wanted to do this year.  I will link you up to a great blog that has a lot of crafts listed for Valentine's Day from other blogs, but here's what I did.

This heart garland was so fun, easy and fast to do.  I have never used felt before and now am addicted to it.
Go HERE to "Made By Rae" to see what you need to do.
I will be playing with more felt at a later time!
 I really wanted to do something different and fun for Aiden to give out for Valentine's Day at school.  This was super fun!  I got the idea HERE, on MADE.  It really was another super fun and easy craft.
Aiden wrote his name on the back of all the hearts and we filled them with jellybeans and a ju-jube heart.

I always make a batch of sugar cookies whenever we have something we could possibly celebrate.  The kids love to decorate them and I love to do this with them.  This year we iced them with an almond butter icing.  So good. 

And, as promised, HERE is a link to a post on MADE that has tons of little projects you can do.  So many that I want to play around with.  Ah!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

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