Friday, February 18, 2011

It's on its way!!!

Okay, so I couldn't resist.  I ordered a Silhouette SD last week and got one heck of a steal on it.  I bought it from this amazing site, .  I can't say enough good things about The Steals Network.  I order tons of stuff for my kids from and as well.
These are deal of a day sites, and they rock.
Okay, onto the Silhouette.  I knew that this one was coming for a bit.  It has been hinted on their Facebook Page.  I saved and waited and last Friday checked my computer, promptly, at 8AM like every morning to see what was on sale.  I didn't want to miss it. And guess what, it was on sale!
I jumped for joy, quickly added the Mega Bundle into my cart, and checked out.  Then I went back and ordered the Rhinestone bundle and Fabric Interfacing bundle.

Yes, you just read that one right!  The Silhouette can now CUT FABRIC!!!
Oh the projects I have in mind.  I can hardly stand it.  And I think my bank account may be weeping a bit, too.
So what can you all do with the Silhouette SD?
You can do scrapbook pages, cards, custom apparel, vinyl decor, glass etching, sketch designs, temporary tattoos, paper crafts, and NOW cut fabric.
This all makes me excited.  The machine just plugs right into the computer and away you go!

I could also use some help learning how to use this glorious machine. If you have any tips, let me know.
So, tell me... what projects do you have in your mind right now while you wait for spring?  If you had a Silhouette SD what projects would you want to do?
Check out the Silhouette homepage at:

*Disclaimer: This is not a give away or an ad The Steal Networks sites.  All these opinions are of my own and I am really interested to know what projects you would want to do and see.

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