Monday, January 17, 2011

So late posting this... but here we go!

 Well, my niece and nephew were here the other night... late.
So, Kirby helped me put my quilt together.
This girl was so good at trying to make sure that no two squares that were the same were near each other.
After about an hour we found that no matter what, some of them would match.
But it was fun to work together.

So, I was impressed at how well even my pinwheels and owls actually matched up.
Not back for my first quilt!

Now to just get my boarders on and pick my backing.
That is my goal for the middle of February.
I want to be quilting this thing and have it finished by the end of February.
But, what do you think for a backing:
Minky Swirl or Flannel....
I don't have anything picked out yet to even show you examples.

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