Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Winter Project

 I fell in love with this quilt kit a few months back.  I left it at the store thinking "I have no idea how to quilt".  There was a quilt already made up using this fabric in green.  Then I saw a picture of it again, a friend had bought this quilt kit.  I was toying with the idea, knowing I needed some sort of a longer winter craft to get me through.  So, I left it in the back of my mind and figured if there was one left after Christmas, and after I was caught up with everything else, I would go back and get it.
A few weeks later my Mom and Gramma came into town.  We went looking around at the stores here and I saw this again.  I showed my Mom and Gramma (both quilters) and they said "Oh, Dana, you can do that without help!  So it was decided.  I bought it!  I am having so much fun doing it.  I love the fabrics, and want to go back and get the green kid... just so Robbie can have a quilt.  Yeah, that's it!

So, here are my half squares, if that is what you want to call them.  The sqaure will be pin wheel and a block from the owl squares above.  Love my technical quilting terms?  So do I!
Look at that!!  I sewed them together.  Half a pin wheel!!

And there we have a pin wheel.  Okay and this is where I had to stop so I could finish Emily's Christmas present.  I will post those after Christmas!!
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