Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So... back tracking to THIS post.
This was project C.  Pajama's for Emily.
I had a gift card to use at our local department store and thought, "Why not let Emily pick out the fabric that she wants for pj's.  They have Dora the Explorer."  
Emily didn't want Dora.  No, she wanted the expensive quilting flannel.
I obliged... I did, after all, say she could pick her fabric.

So we made nightgowns.
Originally we were suppose to have 1 night gown and 1 set of pj's; but Emily liked the nightgown so much she wanted those instead.
Something I learned from this project:
When pinning the pattern to your fabric, make sure you pin the part that says: On the Fold; in the right spot.  I had to go back and buy another 11/2 meters for that mess up.
In all, I'm happy with how they turned out.  And Emily is loving them, too.

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