Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Treating Bags/Tote Bags

Okay, so Project A from this post is what this post is all about.  
I love these fabrics.  You can really use any fabric you want, but in the spirit of Halloween we are going to use Halloween fabrics.  I would love to do this in some flowery material I found at our local department store, or circa 1930's fabric-- wouldn't that be darling??  These bags make for great little tote bags.
Truth is, my mom made us a trick or treating bag a few years ago.  She told all of us each house hold would only get one bag.  So two of my kids, Aiden and Emily, like to argue over the one bag.  I thought, "I can make another one.  Who needs a pattern?"

So, here is the fabric and supply list.  I found it gave me more fabric than what I really needed, but it's the list that my mom shopped from-- really you won't need this much... but I love to have extra than not enough:
1/8th of a yard for the orange strips
5/8th of a yard of Halloween print for the middle (I used the green)
1 yard of Halloween print (for the main part of the bag)
Fusible interfacing
1 yard broad cloth for inside the bag
Cutting Roller, Ruler and Mat
Sewing Machine
Iron and board

Step 1: Cutting Your Material
You want to cut all your material on a fold, so we just need to do 2 seams when it comes time to sew the bag together.
So working from the top down, you measurements will be: 
Dark Halloween Print: 2 inches X 13 1/2 inches
Orange Print: 1 1/2 inches X 13 1/2 inches
Green Print: 3 inches X 13 1/2 inches
Orange Print: 1 1/2 X 13 1/2 inches
Dark Halloween Print: 12 inches X 13 1/2 inches

You also need to cut out straps: which aren't pictured here.  I cut mine out of the dark print.  
They are about 22 inches X 3 inches.

Step 2: Sewing Your Strips together.
So, go ahead and just lay your strips out so they aren't folded.
You want your right sides together and pin as shown above.
Go ahead and sew them with a 1/4 inch seam.
Then you want to press it open so you can lay down the next print.

Keep going until everything is on there.
This is mine half way.

Step 3: Giving the bag some Umph-- so it holds up.
So you don't have to use fusible interfacing.
My mom did our bag with some quilters batting in the middle... a very thin layer.  It's wonderful too.
Basically cut what you are going to use to fit your bag.  Just measure your bag.
You are going to put this layer to the wrong side of your material.
To use fusible interfacing put the glue side to the wrong side of your fabric and iron it on.
If you are using batting, make your seams so the orange fabric pops out (your smaller strips)

Step 4: Make the straps!!
So, I just ironed the edges in a bit, then folded my straps in half and sewed them to look like this:

Excuse my lack of sewing knowledge... I've never taken a sewing class, and this is going off of what I just made up for a pattern.

Step 5, 6, and 7.
**Now, this part I forgot to get pictures of.  So I will attempt to describe in great detail what to do next.**
You NEED make the inside of your bag out of you broadcloth.  I used black broad cloth.
Again, I measured my bag and cut the fabric to what I needed.
Then I folded the broad cloth in half and sewed 1/4 inch seam around the bottom and open side to close it all up.
You should have a black (or what ever color you choose to use) replica of your bag.
You also NEED to go ahead and make you big outer panel into a bag.  So, fold that up, right sides together, and make a 1/4 inch seam.  Flip your bag so the fabric is facing out.
Now, you want to PIN your straps to the bag.

Excuse my fingers!

Step 8: Putting her all together!
Okay, this part took me FOREVER to figure out.
You should now have your outer part of the bag sewn up, straps pinned into place (I pinned so the straps were on top of the bag, lying on the right side of my fabric.  Make sense?), and your inner part of the bag sew up.
You need to flip the otter part of your bag so the seams are outside (basically right sides together again).
Now, slide that over top of the outer part of your bag, making sure the straps are still in place.
You are going to sew all around the top of the bag leaving a good section so you can flip your bag right side out.  Make sure that you do sew the straps in... don't leave that part open.  I left between the straps on one side open so I could slip the bag inside out.
Once it's all slipped and looks like a bag with the straps outside, go ahead and close up that open section by doing a top seam all around the top of the bag.  I pinned the open section closed.

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  1. you are so crafty, wish I knew how to sew as good as you!!


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